If someone else's information is on your background report, it is crucial to do some research. 

If the name is of an individual or family member that you know or have ever had a joint account with, then it's likely it's just showing up because of that joint account. 

Suppose there is a name that is similar to yours but perhaps misspelled. In that case, an individual likely entering the records misspelled your name. However, if you are 

noticing this name attached to several criminal history or credit records that you didn't know about, then it could be possible this is a case of identity theft. It is crucial to double-check if it's a misspelling or a family member before thinking it's identity theft. 80% of individuals who have their background reports run are surprised by the results. But of those surprises, identity theft issues are pretty low. 

If you are taking this class online or through an in-person classroom setting, you will have the opportunity to connect with Pacific Screening either through the student portal or through your Rent Well instructor to dispute errors on your background.