The background report is a core building block of the Rent Well Program. Being able to see your report is not something that you can usually review yourself. However, it gives you the advantage of reviewing that report before a landlord does. That way, you can correct errors, expunge records, pay down debts, or have important talking points when you speak to potential landlords about the barriers that you've overcome. 

Understandably, it can be hard to review potentially negative situations that have happened in your past, especially when you have to see them all on a single document. But through the Rent Well curriculum, you have an opportunity to look at those past errors so that you can plan for a better housing future.

 You will have an opportunity to learn from those situations and potentially do things differently in the future. Also, know that a landlord will look at the background regardless, so why not prepare for how to talk to a landlord about all that you have done to overcome that barrier.